Courier Tale At Perth Games Festival 2023 As Part Of WA Games Week | 23 Sep 2023

Courier Tale returns to Perth Games Festival for a 3rd round! I’ve probably said this before, but this will likely be the last event before the release of Courier Tale (though there’s still much work to be done).

Perth Games Festival is a bit different this year. It’s happening at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. Tickets are $10, kids are free. It goes down on Saturday 23 September 2023 from 10am – 4pm. Not only can you check out Courier Tale, but there will also be a heap of Western Australian video games, tabletop games and VR experiences to check out.

It is part of the first ever WA Games week which runs from 17-23 September and features the Level Her Up game jam, industry talks, Immerse Connect Conference, and of course Perth Games Festival. You might even find Courier Tale featured on the WA Games Week website and promo video…

For more info or to buy tickets go to or check out the Perth Games Festival facebook event

Courier Tale Is Part Of The Cat Awareness Sale On Steam Right Meow Til 14 Aug…

Courier Tale is being featured as part of the Cat Awareness Feline Sale on Steam from 8 August to 14 August 2023!

Are you aware there are cats in Courier Tale?

Make sure to follow @couriertale on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram as I share some of the cats that inspired Courier Tale characters later this week.

Check out the recently updated demo and wishlist Courier Tale right meow…

Courier Tale Is At Level 2 Of Pixel Expo This Weekend | 5 – 6 August 2023

Courier Tale will return to Pixel Expo this weekend on the 5 & 6 of August, 9:00am – 5pm each day. You will find the Courier Tale demo in the Lets Make Games room on the 2nd floor…

Pixel Expo is an animation and gaming convention featuring cosplay, traders, gaming and more. It is a ticketed event and it sold out last year, so if you’re planning to head there, best to pre-book your tickets.

For more info go to or check out the facebook event.

Courier Tale Returns To XR:WA This Weekend | 22 – 23 July 2023

This Saturday and Sunday 22 and 23 of July will see Courier Tale return to demo at the WA Museum Boola Bardip as part of XR:WA 2023. The event is free and from 10:30am – 5:00pm each day you’ll be able to of course check out the Courier Tale demo as well as a bunch of other Western Australian developed games and VR/AR experiences. There will also be an international games showcase by Hovergarden as well as workshops and panels.

For more info go to or check out the facebook event.

Courier Tale at XR:WA 2022 last year…

Courier Tale Featured As Part Of RPG Maker Festival 2023

Courier Tale is being featured on Steam as part of RPG Maker Festival 2023 from 14 – 21 February!

Check out the festival page here:

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Courier Tale prologue demo, what better time than now?

Also on the Courier Tale Steam page and occasionally on the RPG Maker Festival page, you might catch a Courier Tale Demo Tour video broadcast where I talk about the game’s influences, art style and what the game is all about.

As always, if you dig the demo or what you see, don’t forget to wishlist the game!

Courier Tale Returns To Perth Games Festival In November 2022

Courier Tale returns to Perth Games Festival on Saturday 19 November 2022. The event is free entry and runs from 10am – 4pm at the Perth Town Hall.

The Courier Tale demo will be the same available on Steam right now, but with a few tweaks. There will be a heap of other Western Australian indie games to try out including video games, tabletop games and VR.

This will likely be the last event Courier Tale is demo-ing at before release sometime in 2023, so it would be awesome to see you at Perth Games Festival 2022!

For more info on Perth Games Festival go to the Let’s Make Games website or the Perth Games Festival 2022 facebook event page:

Courier Tale Merchandise Now Available!

Well, the title says it all… Courier Tale merchandise is now available! There are Shirts available in a variety of colours (including of course grey!). You can get Stickers and Sticker Packs available in matte, gloss and transparent finishes in various sizes. Also Postcards and Greeting Cards for all your postal needs as well!

To purchase some Courier Tale merchandise just click on the Merch link on the Courier Tale website!

Courier Tale Prologue Demo Delivered To Steam Next Fest June 2022

The Courier Tale Prologue Demo has been delivered to the June 2022 edition of Steam Next Fest!

Influenced by Night In The Woods, A Short Hike, Always Sometimes Monsters, Animal Crossing, Celeste and Studio Ghibli, Courier Tale is a game that fans of Earthbound, Undertale or classic point & click adventures like Monkey Island may be into. The short demo for a short game, showcases the walkin’ n talkin’ at the beginning of this upcoming adventure.

Check out the demo, walk & talk, and if ya dig it, wishlist on Steam…

Courier Tale Demo Now Available On Steam!

If you’ve been wanting to try out Courier Tale, now’s your chance. The Courier Tale demo is now available to download on Steam!

The demo is the prologue for the game… an introduction to Courier Tale… a teaser… A taster…

If you previously played the demo at Perth Games Festival last year, this is the same demo, but with some tweaks including new music, some updated graphics etc.

If ya dig the demo, make sure to wishlist the game. If you have any feedback on the demo post on the Courier Tale Steam discussion forum or join the ZedKraze discord and post your thoughts in the Courier Tale Feedback channel (